Industrial Origami Vertiports: STILFOLD and KookieJar Partner

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian J. McNabb

When delivery drones fill the skies, where will they land? Could it be in environmentally friendly, folded-steel vertiports?

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The Swedish air-mobility company Kookiejar has just partnered with their countrymen at design and technology firm STILFOLD to create new vertiport modules made with their “industrial origami” technology, which uses robot arms to fold affordable and sustainable steel sheet panels into new structures with only minimal components. While this is their first foray into aviation, other STILFOLD projects include collaborations with Polestar Cars to create the world’s climate-neutral car, and their STILBIKE, an electric motorcycle constructed using their innovative new manufacturing processes.

As Max Hoffman, Head of Strategic Projects at Kookiejar, said in their press release, “KookieJar is establishing a…