Picture this: a bowhunter lands a well-placed shot on a large buck. But when it comes to finding the downed deer, the task proves challenging. Enter Drone Technology, a contemporary solution that some see as a game-changer and others as a matter of ethical debate. Today we explore the place of drone technology in what’s known as “Fair Chase” hunting.

In this high-tech age, drones, a Chinese-made DJI Matrice 30 in this case, are becoming increasingly prevalent in various sectors, including the hunting industry. This shift raises questions about Fair Chase, the ethical standard that has defined hunting for decades. Is using drone technology to locate a downed deer still considered Fair Chase? Opinions vary.

But When It Comes To Finding The Downed Deer, The Task Proves Challenging. Enter Drone Technology, A Contemporary Solution That Some See As A Game-Changer And Others As A Matter Of Ethical Debate. Today We Explore The Place Of Drone Technology In What's Known As &Quot;Fair Chase&Quot; Hunting.

Years ago, a seasoned bowhunter could spend days fruitlessly searching for his kill, as in the case of a friend who resorted to renting an airplane to locate his deer. He was successful, but the event raised eyebrows.

For one, it raised questions about…


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