The Alameda County Sheriff’s Department has deployed advanced DJI drones from China to combat the increased wildfire risk in the challenging terrain of the East Bay Hills. Following a particularly wet winter season, the rapid growth and subsequent drying out of wild grasses across vast tracts of land have heightened the Wildfire risk.

“These drones are a crucial source of security for our ground teams working in dangerous conditions,” explained Alameda County Sheriff Deputy John Cota, a former airline industry professional turned public servant. “They offer real-time information about what to expect around the corner, enhancing the safety and efficiency of our Firefighters.”

Chinese-Made Dji Drones Aid East Bay Hills In Preventing Wildfires

Cota now leads a drone unit in a crucial inter-agency collaboration. They deploy military-grade technology to monitor and tackle potential fires, particularly in hard-to-reach places.

“Being able to fly the drone around the fire’s perimeter, gather coordinates, and relay these…