drone in a box, ElevateUAV, drone nerds, Ready MonitorAt the Drone Nerds ElevateUAV Summit in Miami today, drone legend Brandon Torres Declet presented on a new industry sector: fully automated, Drone in a Box (DIAB) solutions.

Torres Declet began his career in the drone industry with Measure: founded in 2017 as one of the first drone service providers.  Now, Torres Declet is in the drone services space again as a board member of Ready Monitor, offering turnkey drone-in-a-box solutions, operated remotely by professional pilots.

Brandon Torres Declet

Drone in a Box Solutions

Drone in a box solutions, or drone dock solutions, provide the opportunity for entirely remote operations.  Pilots can launch and operate a DIAB from a remote center, which could be hundreds or thousands of miles away from the actual aircraft.

“I think we’re at an inflection point with Drone in a Box solutions,” says Torres Declet.  “…It’s now all technologically feasible to do beyond visual line of sight, totally automated…


Source: dronelife.com