Blue sUAS and Public Safety, search and rescueMike Sember is a south Florida Firefighter.  As a first responder, he knows exactly how difficult search and rescue operations can be.  At the Drone Nerds ElevateUAV conference in Miami today, Mike spoke about the ways in which drone technology empowers search and rescue missions, and how the evolution of drone technology has benefited SAR operations.

Sember has been a firefighter in the Boca Raton area for over 17 years.  He began flying drones recreationally, traveling all over the world to capture aerial images.

“Using the drone for search and rescue missions is a game changer,” says Sember. “Drones are useful anywhere.”

The Evolving Benefits of Drone in Search and Rescue

Traditionally search and rescue (SAR) operations have relied upon human personnel.  Drones have been recognized as a valuable tool in SAR missions from the beginning of the commercial industry.  As aircraft and sensors have improved, however, the benefits of drones in search and…