Today, DJI announced its latest drone offering, an upgrade to the mid-tier Air lineup called the Air 3. Like all other DJI consumer drones, it comes with Fly More Combos. Let’s delve into what the Air 3 includes if you order one.

Unboxing DJI’s Air 3 drone

Each Fly More Combo comprises of a carry case, the drone, a controller, two spare batteries, the charging case, and some spare propellers. While these are pretty standard, this year brings some exciting upgrades.

Another carrying case for you

Let’s start with the carrying case. The Air 3 comes with the same case as the one that came with the Mavic 3 Pro earlier this year. I have no complaints here, great quality and holds everything you might need, although not much else. While it is larger than the one that came with the Air 2S, the contents it now holds are larger too.

The best charging case DJI has ever made?

Now, instead of focusing on the DJI Air 3 itself, I recommend…