DJI Air 3 DJI dual camera drone DJI Air drone

DJI Introduces Air 3 Drone: Powerful Addition to the Air Series

Dual Primary Cameras, Up To 46 Minutes Flight Time, Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing and O4 HD Video Transmission 

DJI continues to raise the bar for small drones.  Today, DJI launched the Air 3: with a wide-angle camera and a 3x medium tele camera.  The Air 3 is an aerial photography hobbyists dream – and a great all-rounder for commercial drone pilots.  At a current price of $1,099 (up to about $1500 for the fly more combos) the Air 3 offers amazing capabilities for the size and cost.

AIr 3 dual cameras, DJI Air 3, new DJI drone“The DJI Air 3 is the first drone of our Air Series which offers professional features like dual primary cameras and omnidirectional obstacle sensing and at the same time retaining its lightweight capabilities with a weight of just 720g for more freedom and flexibility,” said Ferdinand Wolf, Creative Director at DJI. “The drone is the perfect all-rounder for your outdoor adventures and offers you a more…