I have had the privilege of flying the new DJI Air 3 for the past week ahead of today’s release, and I must say this has been my favorite drone to review since taking this position. Here are my complete thoughts on the drone that I’m sure many of you will end up buying.

Specs breakdown

Let’s break down what we’re getting one more time before I go over my thoughts on the Air 3. The newest drone is supposed to fill DJI’s mid-tier lineup, replacing the Air 2S that came out back in April 2021. That drone featured a single 1-inch, 20MP camera and was renowned for its photo quality. The Air 3 will certainly have some big shoes to fill.

The DJI Air 3 is coming with a bit of flair, just like the Mavic 3 did when it came out in late 2021, with two cameras. While yes, these two are smaller than the Air 2S’s, but having two is greater than one, and they both produce amazing picture quality.

A key point to mention is that, unlike the Mavic 3 Pro,…


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