ToolKitRC C4

The ToolKitRC C4 is a compact charger with a maximum output of 50W. Its small size makes it easy to carry and use on the go, and its intuitive user interface and LED display make it easy to use. It comes with an XT60 output and 4 levels of adjustable charging current.

Being compatible with LiPo, LiHv, and LiFe cells can charge the most common drone batteries. It can also charge NiMH batteries used in remote controllers.

Key features

  • AC input
  • Multi-chemistry (LIPO/LIHV/LIFE/NIMH)
  • Visible capacity (LED display)
  • High-precision 12-bit ADC processor
  • Multiple protections (Short-circuit, Overcurrent, and Overvoltage)
  • 4-level adjustable current (0.5/1/2/4A)

Chemistry compatibility

Technical specifications

  • Input voltage: AC 100~240V @ 55Max
  • Output: DC17.4V @ Max 4.0A
  • Battery type: LiPo / LiHv /LiFe @ 2~4S NiMh 5-8S
  • Balance current: 200mA @ 4.20V
  • Charging accuracy: <0.01V @4.20V
  • Connector: XT60
  • Product Size: 106x64x35mm
  • Product Weight: 165g