The Next Public Safety Drone Review: Tuesday, August 1 at 3:00 PM ET

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Public Safety Drone Review, August 1

This month, hosts Timothy Martin and Miriam McNabb review the latest news stories about drones in public safety, first response, fire and police with our guests Lukáš Brchl and Hannu Lesonen.  Our guests will then speak and answer questions about their ecosystem tools.

All pilots must implement appropriate Remote ID solutions this September.  If you have questions about how to meet those requirements, now is the time to ask!  Dronetag makes the Dronetag family of Remote ID add-on devices and the Dronetag app. Lukáš Brchl is the co-founder and CEO of Dronetag, based in Prague. With Master’s degrees in both Computer Science and Knowledge Engineering, Lukáš brings his deep understanding of technology to the development of a global Remote ID solution, supporting the safe integration of commercial drone operations.