In a remarkable display of modern technology’s role in law enforcement, a drone was instrumental in saving a man’s life in Sumner County, Tennessee. The Sumner County Sheriff’s Office employed the use of this aerial device when a routine welfare check took a dramatic turn.

Sumner County Chief Deputy Eric Craddock recalled the three-minute rescue operation that had deputies following a blood trail and a discovered razor blade into a 50-acre cornfield. With the crops standing five to six feet tall, visibility was severely limited.

Craddock stated, “It’s not like the deputies can just look out across the field and see the subject. This is something that would have taken quite some time to do a grid search for.”

Recognizing the need for an elevated viewpoint, the officers swiftly decided to deploy their drone. A decision that paid off within moments when they spotted the man.

Describing the drone footage, Craddock explained, “You’ll see the deputies over here…