Anticipation is brimming for the rumored launch of the DJI Air 3 drone, and a recent sneak peek on YouTube only fuels the excitement. A quick clip reveals the drone, still not officially released, showcasing its European C1 label and a surprising detail – it generates only 81 decibels. That’s a reduction of 2 decibels compared to the DJI Mavic 3 series, as Joeri Herremans from the 360 Factory points out.

Every possible detail about the DJI Air 3 drone seems to have leaked already. From prices and specs to a teaser video and photos, it appears there’s nothing left to the imagination.

We have said it before, but it seems that this time the Air 3 is DJI’s worst-kept secret ever. The only thing we need at this point is a pre-release sale at Best Buy, and we’d be all set!

Dji Air 3, Drone Maker's Worst Kept Secret, Has European C1 Label

As the drone community buzzes with speculation and anticipation, the question remains: are you ready for the whispered debut of the DJ Air 3 drone? Feel free to share your thoughts. The drone…