BetaFPV 450mah 2s

Micro CineWhoops, like the Pavo Pico, have gained immense popularity due to their small size, agility, and ability to navigate tight spaces while recording 4K footage. Choosing the right LiPo (Lithium Polymer) battery for your drone is crucial for achieving optimal flight performance and duration. This review will look closer at the BetaFPV 450mAh 2S LIPO pack.

When choosing the right LiPo battery for your micro FPV drone, you should consider the following:

  • [Dimensions] Micro FPV drones are typically smaller and lighter than their larger counterparts, and every gram counts. Choosing a LiPo battery that fits within your drone’s frame’s physical size and weight constraints is essential. The Pavo Pico’s battery bay is 14x15mm.
  • [Connector type] Typically, micro Whoops utilize JST-PH 2.0, BT2.0, or XT30 connectors. The Battey plug needs to be matched with the drone’s connector.
  • [Voltage \ Number of cells] Voltage is a…