DJI, the global leader in Drone Technology, dropped a hint-laden teaser video today, signaling the potential release of their highly anticipated DJI Air 3 drone. The video, capturing a drone enthusiast amidst a striking mountain sunset, seems to give away more than just stunning visuals.

Emblazoned with the message “Double Up, 7.25.23 | 9:00 AM (EDT)” before the DJI logo pops up, the video suggests a thrilling launch date. But it’s not just the timing that has fans buzzing. An intriguing double-frame view mirrors the rumored dual camera setup of the forthcoming DJI Air 3, fanning the flames of speculation.

Given the volume of leaked information, ranging from pricing to photos and FCC filings, there’s growing confidence among industry insiders that July 25th at 9 am EDT might just be the moment the DJI Air 3 takes flight.

What’s your take on this enticing teaser? As always, we’re all ears for your thoughts.