Drones are steadily becoming a crucial part of the toolkit for emergency services in Northern Ontario, promising safer and more efficient operations. The Greater Sudbury Police Services (GSPS) has been capitalizing on these benefits since 2020, and they’re eager to expand their program.

Inspector Marc Brunette of GSPS remarked, “[Drone] technology is getting more accessible, more affordable and with enhancements of technology we’ve found some great successes early into the program.”

Their police drone squad, currently composed of eight officers, is set to grow to twelve by 2024.

In 2023 alone, the GSPS launched drones 34 times for tasks including Search and Rescue, issuing warrants, and reconstructing traffic accidents. The use of drones has significantly improved officer safety.

“Traditionally we put an officer in those positions and now we can deploy the RPAS program and have a glance from a distance,” said Brunette.

Officer Jacques Roberge, one…


Source: dronexl.co