Promo Drone Draganfly Starling x.2This summer throughout the world, extreme weather events leading to flooding and heat waves have put strain on public safety resources everywhere.  The new Starling X.2 is an innovative tool to help responders communicate quickly – providing fast, eye-catching, sky borne messaging, when and where it’s most important.

Promo Drone, Draganfly Reveal New Starling X.2 Outdoor Messaging Drone

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Digital display drone specialist Promo Drone Inc. has partnered with leading drone developer Draganfly Inc. to reveal the innovative new Starling X.2 aerial drone digital display messaging platform. This versatile new rapid response messaging and aerial advertising drone serves a broad range of industries, such as public safety, emergency response, outdoor events, advertising, marketing, and immersive fan experiences.

The Sterling X.2’s Draganfly Commander 3XL airframe is equipped…