If recent leaks and FCC filings are any indication, we may be approaching the release of the DJI Air 3. However, the company has yet to provide an official date. Here’s everything we currently know about DJI’s upcoming enthusiast drone, the Air 3.

The first hint of the DJI Air 3’s arrival came from DealsDrone, who included it in his annual calendar of products DJI planned to release in the following year. For 2023, DealsDrone listed the Air 3, Mavic 3S (now known as the Mavic 3 Pro), and the Inspire 3. Although he missed the Mini 2 SE and the dates were off, it seems he was accurate in predicting the drone’s release this year. An upgrade to the Air lineup was much anticipated.

Over the past few weeks, we have learned a lot about the Air 3, including its appearance and specifications, even before any official DJI event announcement.

Air 3 dual camera gimbal

The most significant change in the Air lineup will be the addition of a second…


Source: dronedj.com