DJI, a leading name in the Drone Industry, might be stepping up its game by hinting at a new creation – a DJI Delivery Drone specifically designed for the Chinese market. A mysterious teaser video discovered by Quadro_News shows a large drone equipped with eight sets of propellers on four arms.

The DJI Delivery Drone also flaunts an RTK module for accurate landing and delivery purposes, displaying a promising advancement in technology.

Mysterious Dji Delivery Drone - Is The Future Now?

What caught the eye was a black container underneath the drone, emblazoned with the DJI logo and the intriguing word: “Delivery”. Supposedly launched on the 13th in China, this DJI Delivery Drone still has its specifications under wraps.

Brendan Schulman, the former DJI VP of Policy and Legal Affairs, shed some light on the video, saying, “There’s no market at scale for delivery drones in the US until the regulations change. So this is a lot like the dock. The tech is here, the policy is not. This could be quite…