Unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), aka Ground Drones, have emerged as the latest frontier in Ukraine’s ongoing conflict. Since the onset of the Russian invasion 16 months ago, this new class of drones has received significant attention, promising to revolutionize warfare.

At the helm of this innovative field is Yevhen Hnatok, a 22-year-old Ukrainian engineer who has supplied the armed forces with several remotely controlled UGVs. He envisions these green machines, hardly discernible in long grass and armed with landmines, as a game-changer.

“If they see it at this distance, they won’t even have time to pray,” Hnatok stated in reference to Russian forces.

As the war evolves, UGVs carrying explosives and weapons or undertaking reconnaissance missions are increasingly seen as potential assets. Small-scale engineers like Hnatok hope to turn the tide of the conflict by replacing troops with machines on the frontlines, a strategy aimed at preserving human life.



Source: dronexl.co