ZHIYUN has become the major force in the camera stabilizer market, pioneering new technology and making its products easier to use than most of its rivals. The newly released CRANE 4 is intended for professional DSLR and Cinema Cameras, and it features a new wrist rest and handle for improved grip, balance indicator lights for a timely reminder, and a magnetic wrench and reflector for added convenience.

Thanks to the innovative quick-release module that integrates horizontal and vertical lock structures, enables effortless switching between native landscape and portrait shooting modes. ZHIYUN CRANE 4 is powered by four 18650 batteries, allowing an all-day-long shooting experience. The PD fast charge supports charging while using.

The CRANE 4 gimbal features pan, tilt, roll control, and 360-degree panning to create 360-degree motion shots.

ZHIYUN CRANE 4 key features

The six key features give a more cinematic feel to your movies than…


Source: www.firstquadcopter.com