human and machine collaboration XTEND ModalAIDrones of the future may be operated by the movement of the pilot’s body.  XTEND Partners with ModalAI to Advance Human and Machine Collaboration

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by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Today, human-guided autonomous operating system developer XTEND announced a multi-layered partnership with leading Blue UAS Framework drone manufacturer ModalAI, Inc. As per the partnership, XTEND will make its XOS operating system available on ModalAI’s technology, while XTEND’s human-guided autonomous drones will incorporate ModalAI’s VOXL® 2 Autonomous AI Autopilot.

XTEND’s Operating System (XOS) offers an easy to deploy operating system for drones and robots, allowing any connected device to benefit from XOS’s application ecosystem. Its app store is open to third-party developers and lets users run 3rd party applications on their devices, including apps that are able to control a drone’s position and extract data, control…