DJI Inspire 3, drone advocacy allianceThe newly formed Drone Advocacy Alliance will fight against bans on Chinese-made drone technology.

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The formation of the Drone Advocacy Alliance was announced today.  The Alliance is “a coalition dedicated to protecting the right of American drone users to choose and use their drones,” says a press release. “The Alliance will serve as a platform for drone users to learn more about legislation that may impact them and make their voices heard.” From the Alliance website:

The Drone Advocacy Alliance is a non-partisan, drone-agnostic grassroots advocacy coalition. Formed at a time when proposed drone market access restrictions at the state and federal level could upend the burgeoning drone ecosystem, the Alliance works to ensure that drone users are able to weigh in on policies that could impact their ability to use and choose the best drones for their operational needs.

Initial partners in the Drone Advocacy Alliance…