Photo by Elissa Jun/FEMA, Public Domain

Sentera Launches Crop Damage Analytics Platform

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian J. McNabb

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Sentera, a Minnesota corporation specializing in agricultural analytics, recently announced the launch of its Crop Damage analytics platform to aid in critical decision-making around mitigation strategies for unforeseen weather events. Amidst increasingly unpredictable and extreme weather patterns caused by global warming, technology to help farmers and other customers protect their crops is increasingly important- the American Farm Bureau Federation reported that 2022 was the third-costliest disaster year event in history, with more than $21.4 billion in crop and rangeland losses.

Technology can help. As Eric Taipale, chief technology officer of Sentera, stated in a press release: “We can’t regulate the weather or many other events that can damage crops, but we can control how quickly we can respond to…