As the highly anticipated launch of the DJI Air 3 drone edges closer, more details are beginning to leak. A photo shared today by DealsDrone reveals intriguing aspects of the drone’s design, specifically its underbelly.

On the left side, we see the first of the two downward vision system sensors, a key feature designed to assist in obstacle avoidance and precision landing procedures.

Nestled next to it is the Auxiliary Bottom Light or LED light. While it aids in landing the aircraft, it’s more than just a guiding light – it can also trigger a release system to drop water bottles or even explosives, as we have seen in the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Adjacent to the LED light is the DJI Air 3 Infrared Sensing System, which, together with the vision sensors aids during hovering, indoor flying, avoiding obstacles, automatic Return to Home, and precision landing.

Shifting towards the right side of the drone, we spot two rubber feet. Along with two more feet on the front…