In response to a sudden increase in shark attacks, New York is fighting back with Chinese Drone Technology. State officials have announced a surge in the deployment of shark-monitoring DJI drones along the coastlines of Long Island and New York City. This decision comes after five people suffered shark bites in a span of two days off Long Island.

George Gorman, the state’s park director in Long Island, emphasized the new vigilance, saying, “We are now more vigilant than ever. We have drones in the sky that watch over the waters. We have lifeguards on WaveRunners that watch over the waters.”

These Chinese DJI drones will reportedly undertake three daily sweeps of the beaches, as Cary Epstein, a lifeguard supervisor, explained, highlighting the before opening, midday and pre-closing checks.

Governor Kathy Hochul has stated that this new Chinese drone fleet will greatly enhance the existing shark surveillance program.

“These new drones will increase the shark…