In the wake of Israel’s largest military operation in the West Bank in two decades, Jenin lies in ruins as drone footage shows the extent of the destruction.

The Shibli family returned to a home damaged and littered with bullet casings. Operation “Home and Garden” was an extensive three-day assault, involving air and ground forces, leaving their mark on the city of Jenin.

Hussein Shibli, the family’s 68-year-old patriarch, recounted the soldiers’ intrusion, “The soldiers forced everyone into one room while they searched the house. Then they made us go outside, and they used a shoulder-launched rocket to fire into the house.” However, he insisted there were no combatants in his home.

The fighting took a total of 12 Palestinian lives, four of whom were combatants, and one Israeli soldier, as the army targeted a significant militant hub in the impoverished neighborhood.

On day two, violence reached…