This week on the Weekly Buzz discussion, we delve into the recent surge of unexpected leaks. We finally have some details about the Air 3, and there’s even a peculiar rumor circulating about a Mini 4.

Let’s begin by addressing the abundance of leaks that have emerged. The Air 3, initially believed to be in development without much certainty about its release, has suddenly become imminent, and we can hardly contain our excitement.

If you take a look at our Air 3 guide, located at the top and/or bottom of our articles, you’ll notice that the majority of the posts are quite recent.

From the beginning, what will the Air 3 have?

Most of these leaks originate from Igor Bogdanov, with the most recent and significant leak coming from the WinFuture website. Initially, Bogdanov mentioned that the Air 3 might arrive as early as late June or early July. However, since we haven’t received any news about a DJI event, it’s highly unlikely that…