A UK court has handed a total of 31 years in jail time to a seven people who operated drone deliveries of banned items to a Manchester area prison, including drugs that a testifying expert estimated were worth as much as £1.7 million ($2.16 million). 

The series of drone deliveries to the UK’s Risley prison in Warrington continued from August to December 2020 – a rather astonishing length of time, given the closed-circuit TV (CCTV) coverage that recorded everything going on around the facility. During that five-month period, a total of 20 flights transported contraband to inmates participating in the scheme, which in addition to smuggling cannabis and heroin into the clink also airlifted mobile phones, SIM cards, and other prohibited items.

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Members of the group – which included two inmates – were sentenced Friday by 


Source: dronedj.com