A disturbing incident unfolded in Rhode Island, as police bodycam footage unveiled the confrontation between law enforcement and a convicted sex offender allegedly using a drone for voyeuristic activities.

Christopher Jones, the offender in question, is accused of operating a drone to peer into his neighbor’s home, an act that subsequently led to his arrest.

It all started when Stephanie Merola, Jones’ neighbor, noticed an unusual buzzing sound coming from her open window.

“It was this window where I heard the buzzing. The blinds were open like this but the window was wide open so I could hear outside,” Merola recounted to local News station WJAR.

The Cranston Police Department traced the drone back to Jones, who admitted to his illicit actions in the bodycam video.

“I was contacted by the family last night at 10:30. It’s basically an invasion of privacy. I’m very ashamed about this. I’m very…


Source: dronexl.co