DroneShield DroneLocatorDroneShield Releases New DroneLocator RemoteID Technology

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

DroneShield has announced the release of a major firmware update for its global fleet of counterdrone (C-UAS) devices. With the global introduction of Remote ID legislation, drone manufacturers have developed proprietary remote identification approaches that are becoming increasingly important in the management of the low altitude airspace.

Using DroneShield’s DroneLocator technology, the company’s devices are now able to detect a range of Remote ID signals, including those previously only available via the DJI AeroScope product. DroneLocator can display critical information such as the drone’s location, home location, serial number and speed, as well as the location of the pilot. These improvements are available for its man-portable, vehicle/ship and fixed-site products.

Enrolled devices will also receive a quarterly update to the DroneShield RFAI Artificial…


Source: dronelife.com