A leaked photo of the DJI Air 3 camera module was shared on Twitter today by DealsDrone. However, details are still scanty due to an installed ND 64 filter which cleverly masks crucial features such as a possible Hasselblad name, field of view, and maximum aperture value.

This hasn’t curbed the excitement, though. Each new photo leak fans the flames of anticipation for the DJI Air 3 drone, predicted to hit the market in July. Chinese drone manufacturer DJI continues to fuel the buzz, keeping enthusiasts on their toes.

The DJI Air 2S, the predecessor of the upcoming DJI Air 3, set high standards by offering a notable balance of cost and quality. It became a favorite among drone aficionados.

With the new DJI Air 3 likely to sport enhancements like better obstacle avoidance, extended flight time, a dual camera setup, and superior photo and video recording capabilities, it could well become the go-to drone for most people.

As the days roll by, we eagerly await more…


Source: dronexl.co