Well, the day has arrived. Product photos of DJI’s upcoming Air 3 drone have been leaked, leaving no room for speculation regarding its appearance. The images of the Fly More Combo showcase everything that will be included with the Air 3, including the new RC 2 and RC-N2 controllers.

Confirmed: DJI Air 3 to have two cameras

Although there were prior speculations and blurry images that hinted at the presence of two cameras on the Air 3, these product photos provide undeniable proof. Similar to the original Mavic 3, the Air 3 will feature two cameras stacked on top of each other. The lingering question now is whether the Air 3 will be priced higher or lower than the Mavic 3 Classic.

The initial leak about the Air 3 mentioned the presence of two cameras, but the details were uncertain. Speculation suggested that it would include a 1-inch wide-angle camera and a 3x or 7x camera on top. However, the information lacked certainty.

DJI Air 3

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Source: dronedj.com