Yesterday, we came across a few leaked photos that purportedly showcase new DJI drones. While it’s expected to see more photos of the Air 3 as we approach a possible announcement, the photos of a potential Mini 4 came as a surprise. Especially since the release of a new Mini drone would deviate significantly from DJI’s typical product timeline.

Jasper Ellens shared some new photos yesterday, featuring the Air 3 and supposedly the Mini 4 Pro being tested in the field. Typically, these field test photos indicate that the drone’s release is near, usually within the next six to eight months. However, the specific timing is dependent on the product type. (cough cough… Inspire 3)

We’ve been aware of the upcoming Air 3 for a while now and have recently started seeing numerous field test photos in the past couple of weeks. On the other hand, the Mini 4 caught us off guard.

Too soon for a new release?

DJI, unlike…