Gremsy G-Hadron FLIR Hadron 640RGremsy Launches the G-HADRON Gimbal for Drone Integrators: Compact, Lightweight, Purpose-Built

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G-Hadron is the ultimate compact and lightweight gimbal, perfectly designed to carry the high-performance dual thermal and visible camera module Hadron 640R. With its optimized size and weight, G-Hadron ensures a plug-and-play setup for the Hadron 640R.

Hadron 640R

Gremsy lost no time in developing the gimbal, after Teledyne FLIR released development kits for the Hadron 640R this spring.  For drone operations, the Hadron 640R is a game changer for a wide variety of applications.  The Hadron 640R pairs a 640×512 resolution radiometric Boson® thermal camera with a 64MP visible camera in a small, 56 gram form factor; and offers MIPI output.  The thermal camera grants visibility within total darkness, smoke, and most fog – and the 64MP visible electro-optical (EO) camera 0ffers high-definition visible imagery.


The G-Hadron…