Noted DJI informant OsitaLV has once again generated a buzz in the drone arena, unveiling newly leaked images of the forthcoming DJI Air 3 drone. A detailed examination of the leaked photos reveals the notable inclusion of a dual camera setup on the new drone, presumably consisting of a wide-angle camera and a telephoto lens camera.

While the triple camera setup is a unique selling point of the pricier DJI Mavic 3 Pro, it appears the mid-range DJI Air 3 will boast a dual camera feature.

A keen eye will notice the ‘Air 3′ label on the front left arm of the drone, an identification tradition upheld by DJI, providing a subtle confirmation of the model.

A significant safety feature can also be spotted on the drone – four obstacle avoidance sensors, smartly located on the top corners, demonstrating DJI’s consistent focus on improving flight safety and reducing the risk of unintended crashes.

DJI Prototype drone

OsitaLV didn’t stop at revealing the DJI Air 3,…