In an initiative to enhance safety and efficiency, several local first responder agencies congregated for the second successive year at the Hardin County Fairgrounds in Kentucky. The purpose? To sharpen their drone operation skills under the expert guidance of the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office and Seiler Geospatial.

Adam Johnston, the forensics expert from Seiler Geospatial, outlined the mission. The goal was to cultivate “very skilled and comfortable” drone pilots.

Around 15 different agencies were part of this two-day intensive indoor and outdoor training, simulating various scenarios where Drone Technology proves critical.

“Drones can investigate crashes from a safe distance, conduct Search and Rescue operations… or safely document natural disasters,” Johnston highlighted.

Drones are agile, prompt, and possess the ability to cover a substantial area, significantly more than any human. Certain drone models even come with infrared capabilities.

'Invaluable' Drones Elevate Police Response In Kentucky