Drone maker DJI has released a curious little update for DJI Fly, the app you need to operate popular consumer aircraft including the Mini and Mavic series.

Version 1.10.4 of the DJI Fly app is now available to download. As is expected from almost all DJI software updates, the new version helps to fix certain issues while optimizing the overall app quality. But the main reason why this update is being rolled out is to make the drone flying app more user-friendly in terms of accessibility.

DJI has incorporated a new voice model in the Fly app to replace the robotic system default voice. Not only does this new model bring a drastic improvement to the clarity of speech, but it also ensures that the in-app voice prompts are now more realistic and natural sounding.

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It is possible some users may find this update bizarre, or simply unnecessary. But if anything, it is only…


Source: dronedj.com