Chinese Drones have become an integral tool for the Hays County Sheriff’s Office in Texas, aiding in everything from locating missing persons to SWAT operations.

A drone was crucial in a vehicle theft case just a few days ago, helping the San Marcos Police Department track and monitor suspects from the sky while guiding ground officers.

“In the stolen vehicle case, the drone was able to track and keep watch of the suspects while directing officers on the ground to the suspects. With the constant “eyes on” ability of the drone, pilots are able to give real-time situational awareness to officers on foot, keeping them safer,” the San Marcos Police Department explained.

But this was far from an isolated incident. The sheriff’s office has reportedly deployed drones as many as 2,100 times since 2021, according to Patrol Sergeant Kelly Woodard.

“The quicker we can get one up, the quicker we can resolve the issue,” Woodard said.

These drones have proved…