Amax F5L frame and Performante 2306 motors

The Amax F5, designed in Germany, is a popular FPV frame aimed for freestyle. This review will look closely at the “L” version, optimized for long-range flights. The Amax F5L can be equipped with both analog and digital FPV systems. It can accommodate 16, 19, and 20mm FPV cameras.

Freestyle FPV drone frames are designed specifically for freestyle flying, which involves performing acrobatic maneuvers and tricks. These frames are built to be lightweight, durable, and capable of withstanding the high-speed impacts and crashes often part of freestyle flying. The Amax F5L’s 6mm arms are durable and easy to replace by design.

Amax Inno, instead of just replicating a common 5″ frame structure and adding their logo, tried to create something new and more durable. The F5L frame can be equipped with AMAX Bando 2305.5/2306 or Performante 2306 motors.

Amax F5L frame design

AMAX INNO FPV parts review

Disclosure: I received this frame kit and set of motors as part of a product…