XTEND partners SIGHTXXTEND Partners with Edge AI and Computer Vision Expert SightX

XTEND allows human operators to interact with drones and robots in a new way – guiding flight with hand gestures.  XTEND’s XOS is human guided operating system that could completely change the way drones are operated.

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Today, autonomous operating system developer XTEND announced a partnership with edge AI and computer vision expert SightX. This partnership will see SightX’s data processing capabilities benefit XTEND’s XOS, a human-guided autonomous operating system reinventing the way humans interact with drones, robots, and smart devices.

SightX is the most recent addition to XTEND’s XOS app store. Its revolutionary software will grant drones, robots, and smart devices on XOS an advanced multi-object data acquisition engine, greatly enhancing their ability to recognise and track objects, understand scenes, and analyze situations in real time. This new…


Source: dronelife.com