A UK drone pilot has been fined nearly $4,500 for an illegal flight that, among many other consequences, forced a money-time professional soccer match to be halted after the craft hovered low over players.

The illicit flight occurred on May 7, when it caused the referee to clear the pitch during a semi-final game between home side Chesterfield and visiting Bromley, who were battling for promotion from England’s fifth-level pro National League. During the second half, a drone flew over the stadium and its crowd of 9,600 – at one point hovered about 20 feet above the pitch – which under standing rules required play to be stopped.

Yesterday, a court in North East Derbyshire court slapped pilot Lewis Franks £3,500 ($4,478) for the array of illegalities the outing involved, but was oddly comforting in its accompanying comments.

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Source: dronedj.com