drone news of the week November 18

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Air Taxi Landing Sites are Needed for UAM to Take Off. The World’s First Vertiport-in-a-Box™ Released at Paris Air Show

It’s a conundrum common in many advanced technology sectors.  In a world full of gas stations, can electric cars be viable without a similar network of charging stations?  Which will come first: the air taxi or the vertiport?  For Urban Air Mobility (UAM) to become a reality at scale throughout the world, countries will need to rapidly deploy air taxi landing sites.  The vertiports are needed even before air taxis receive full certification and permissions around the world- the industry can’t grow or gather sufficient safety data without enough flights, and UAM cannot be profitable or viable without this common use infrastructure.

What companies will be willing to take a risk on building a vertiport, even before air taxi routes are established and permitted?In response to this problem, Australian Skyportz released the world’s first…


Source: dronelife.com