In the dead of night last Sunday, the socialist youth group ROOD Rotterdam (Red Rotterdam) staged a protest outside the office of DJI Europe BV in Barendrecht, The Netherlands. Their mission? To denounce the drone deliveries from DJI to Russia, carried out through a company based in Kazakhstan. According to these young socialists, the supply of drones and other equipment only serves to prolong the war in Ukraine.

DJI drones are heavily used by Russian and Ukrainian forces in Ukraine for various military purposes, from gathering intelligence to dropping explosives on enemy positions and tanks. Despite the embargo on drone deliveries to Russia, it was recently discovered that thousands of drones were acquired from DJI Europe BV through a company in Kazakhstan, only to be funneled to the Russian military.

Dji Europe Bv In The Netherlands. Youthful Rebellion Against Dji's Drone Dilemma

DJI Europe BV in The Netherlands.

This dual supply of drones to Russians and Ukrainians irks ROOD Rotterdam. The group argues that companies like DJI’s pursuit…