Dufour Aerospace Aero2Dufour Aerospace Release Final Design and Specifications for Aero2 Drone

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Today, Swiss eVTOL company Dufour Aerospace released the final design and specifications for its Aero2 drone, an uncrewed aerial vehicle with a hybrid-electric propulsion system and an aerodynamically-efficient tilt-wing design. The Aero2 is the predecessor of the Aero3, a larger tilt-wing aircraft capable of both uncrewed or crewed operations.

“Aero2 is an uncrewed aerial vehicle without equal. Aero2 is able to transport 40 kg (88 lbs) over a distance of 400 km (215 NM). The structure and systems have to be safe and aerodynamically efficient and delivering this is not an easy task,” said Simon Bendrey, Head of Design at Dufour Aerospace. “I’m especially proud of the hard work of our teams to lock in a design that will meet or exceed our customers’ stringent requirements.”

Over time, the design has evolved from a conventional tail to an H-tail…


Source: dronelife.com