DroneShield Epirus DroneSentry Leonidas counter drone systemDroneShield Integrates its DroneSentry with Epirus’ Leonidas C-UAS System

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

DroneShield Ltd and Epirus, Inc have successfully integrated DroneShield’s multi-sensor DroneSentry system with Epirus’ Leonidas high-power microwave (HPM) counter-electronics/counter-UAS effector. Together, these two systems enable a fully integrated C-UAS system capable of tracking multiple threats and engaging with high-powered microwave countermeasures, granting critical defensive capabilities to military, government and other customers.

DroneSentry leverages radio frequency, radar and electro-optic detection and tracking systems in addition to a smart jamming UAS defeat module, utilizing its innovative DroneSentry-C2 command-and-control system.

Epirus’ Leonidas counter-electronics system is capable of neutralizing a single threat in compact and congested areas, as well as disabling multiple threats at once across a wide area. The company’s…


Source: dronelife.com