In a remarkable display of the technological advancements impacting local services, the Midland Fire Department showcased its new fleet of drones, including Chinese Autel Robotics drones, to the Midland City Council members in a special meeting held Monday evening at the City Hall.

Licensed drone pilots and other fire department representatives, led by Battalion Chief Roger Bebeau, executed a live demonstration. Despite the windy conditions in Michigan, one of the department’s four drones, purchased last year, was showcased alongside a new fire engine.

This event was attended by Mayor Maureen Donker, council members Diane Brown Wilhelm, Tim Soler, Steve Arnosky, and several city staff members.

Transforming Midland: Public Safety Ascends With Drones

How drones assist in Public Safety Operations

A licensed drone pilot, Keith Jonas, commenced the presentation by explaining the drones’ various utilizations to date. Notably, they’ve assisted in fire investigations, including the Genji restaurant fire in February,…