In response to a burgeoning mosquito population in Orange County, health officials have rolled out a tech-savvy solution: pest-combatting drones. Recent rains have left Southern California primed for a mosquito season predicted to be the harshest in years.

Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District Inspector, Mike DuBose, revealed mosquito numbers are already “more than double” in certain locations compared to prior seasons. He underscored the effectiveness of the drones in rural areas, while reassuring they won’t be operating in residential zones.

DuBose shed light on the drone-targeted regions, describing them as “very sensitive” and environmentally important areas, such as the Bolsa Chica Wetlands and Upper Newport Bay. The bird nesting season presents added complications.

DuBose stated, “We can’t just simply walk into areas and disturb nests. For this reason, we can target those areas that we can’t easily walk into.”

The drones’ payload…