Skydio has pushed out a software update to enable Remote ID on Skydio 2, 2+, and X2E drone models when flown with the Skydio Enterprise Controller, Skydio mobile apps (with or without Skydio Controller), or Skydio Beacon/Beacon+ (with or without Skydio mobile apps).

If you have a Skydio 2, 2+, or X2E manufactured after September 16, 2022, Remote ID is already enabled for your drone. But those using a Skydio produced before September 16, 2022, will need to update their aircraft, update the FAA registration, and affix a Remote ID label to the drone body to comply fully with the new Remote ID rules.

How to enable Remote ID on Skydio drone

If your system is already up-to-date, and using software version 21.1 or later, connect your app or drone remote controller to the internet and wait a few moments. Now, when you connect your drone, the Remote ID update should happen automatically.

You will know that the Remote ID information is broadcasting…