Want to convert your phone video into a 3D model? One of the fastest and easiest drone reality capture platforms out there, SkyeBrowse, has just updated its proprietary videogrammetry software to make this possible! In addition to DJI and Autel aircraft, SkyeBrowse now supports raw video files from all drones, phones, GoPro, and video cameras.

SkyeBrowse says it brought about new universal mp4 upload capabilities to ensure that users are no longer limited by drone SDK programming and can create accurate 3D models from any video source. SkyeBrowse cofounder and CEO Bobby Ouyang says:

This was the next step in making SkyeBrowse a more practical tool for anyone that wants to employ 3D modeling, whether for leisure or professional uses.

And the most exciting part is you can obtain centimeter-accurate relative measurements within a 3D model even without GPS and telemetry data.

Simply walk around or fly above the scene with your camera, capturing…


Source: dronedj.com