Canada-based Skygauge Robotics Launches New Drone Capable of Industrial Ultrasonic Inspections

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Industrial maintenance robotics specialist Skygauge Robotics has announced the full-scale commercial launch of its Skygauge Inspection Drone, a purpose-built drone for conducting physical work. Its first use case is industrial ultrasonic inspections, utilized by inspectors to determine the health of structures. Industries such as energy, refining, and shipping require routine ultrasound inspections to prevent their critical infrastructure from failing.

“With the Skygauge, organizations can save millions by eliminating the need for cranes and scaffolding during these inspections,” said Skygauge Robotics CCO Nikita Iliushkin. “Inspectors are completing inspections 10 times faster and reducing costs by 50-90 percent while eliminating risk to workers by keeping them safe on the ground.”

“Industrial ultrasound requires the drone…